Creative Industries and Indonesian Instant Conditions

Yuliastuti, Anicleta Creative Industries and Indonesian Instant Conditions. In: Seminar Internasional 6th Enrichment of Career by Knowledge of Language and Literature. (Unpublished)

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Abstract—Rapid flowing of information and technology has spread to various Indonesian economic sectors which have been undermined before. Those are creative industries which consist of film, merchandises, motivations, to latest fashion. Economically, age of information has widened possibilities for people to find profits from various industries. The question is; how different are creative industries from other real industries? The language of creative industries rests on different conditions from other real ones. First condition is instant one, which reflects various possibilities supplied by flowing information. There are many possibilities but most of them are in unstable foundations. Second condition is popular one, which shows how creative industries indicate type of trends of modern life. Creative industries step on periphery things that people may need only in second or third degrees. Third condition is experience one, which asserts how even inexperienced people could do marketing for those creative products. Sometimes, creative industries even sell many goods in high prices while it does not really help the producers. Creative industries indeed explains why creativity is important today, but its profit-oriented language is somehow meaningless besides merely economically. Creative industries could also enhance desires to consume more product, which in other word may direct to consumerism. People could sell many things broadly through social media's popularity but it will not shorten gap of digital divide. In short, creative industries indeed provide such promising possibilities and profits but its weak basic conditions will always change. Language of creative industries shows how world may easily change today depends on raising modern trends. Keywords--creative industries; culture; instant; popular; trend

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