Errors in Translation of Javanese to English by Google Translate

Yuliastuti, Anicleta and Pujimahanani, Cahyaningsih and Rommel, Utungga Pasopati Errors in Translation of Javanese to English by Google Translate. Unpublished. (Unpublished)

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Abstract Today, Google Translate is widely used to translate simple words to complicated texts among many local and national languages. This paper aims to find errors made by Google Translate in translating Javanese to English. Bima Bungkus as an act in Javanese shadow puppets (wayang kulit) is used as input for the translation. By using qualitative descriptive method, this research asserts errors in translation based on error analysis theory which consists of mistranslation, omission, addition, misformation, and misordering aspects. Those categories are used to classify the absence of items needed to complete the translation. What are missing from the translation are explained from grammatical, structural, vocabulary, and semantic perspectives. Beside finding the errors, the researchers would like to analyze what cause them by comparing both structures of Javanese and English languages. Those are not only differences on phrases and sentences, but also rhymes and dialects between Javanese and English that made such absence in translation. From the output, Javanese as local Indonesian language without questions have such rules different from English as global language. Local aspects emphasize language as everyday interactions among subjects, while global ideas as seen in Google Translate provide structural correction from subjects to certain texts as merely objects. Keywords English, error analysis, Google Translate, Javanese, translation

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