DAYA SAING DAERAH TUJUAN WISATA (Studi Kasus Rendahnya Daya Saing Taman Wisata Alam Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi)

Riyadi, Slamet and Hadiwidjojo, Djumilah and Hakim, Luchman (2012) DAYA SAING DAERAH TUJUAN WISATA (Studi Kasus Rendahnya Daya Saing Taman Wisata Alam Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi). Junal Aplikasi Manajemen (JAM), 10 (5). ISSN 1693-5241


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This study aims to uncover and understand: (1) the least amount of visits and low competitiveness Ijen Crater tourism Park destination Banyuwangi, (2) causes no change in condition (the number of visitors are few and low competitiveness) Ijen Crater tourism Park destination Banyuwangi. Research was done at Ijen crater Tourism Park Banyuwangi. This study uses postpositivist approach to the design of the interpretive case study of type "single case". Model of Miles and Huberman was used as descriptive analysis goal. An important findingin this studyare:(1) Ijen crater tourism Park destination that is so fascinating Banyuwangi has natural beauty and uniqueness, but the number of visitors are few and low competitiveness. The small number of visits caused Ijen Crater Tourism Park characterized as special interest tours that travelers are happy to be a special adventure, in which to reach the crater takes a very hard struggle. Due to low competitiveness and supporting a major factor in Ijen Crater Tourism Park unfavorable. (2). The cause of the unvarying characteristic of Ijen Crater Tourism Park Banyuwangi owned due managerial aspects of leadership (courage to take dicesions, communication and commitment efektive is not formed) between the Natural Resource Conservation Center as a Crater Tourism Park manager of the crater with the Department of Culture and Tourism Banyuwangi. Both institutions are running on their own. (3). Niche Market and markeing Mix Strategy to improve competitiveness. (4) Resource - Based View (RBV) is used to determine the competitive ability of Ijen Crater Tourism Park by exploiting natural resources and enhance the uniqueness and capabilities. Core competency (and unique natural resources) should be maintained as an attraction for tourists to visit tourist destination. (5) Destination Management Organization (DMO) as the governance of a tourist destination has not been applied to the Ijen Crater Tourism Park Banyuwangi, but by presenting the concept of DMO in Banyuwangi Ijen Crater Tourism Park is expected to increase the number of visits and enhance competitiveness,successful implementation of these concepts requires the realization of team collaboration (not just a discourse) between all parties involved with the tourism industry

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