Dimensi Metrik Graph Pn 0 Cm dan Cm 0 Pn

Standsyah, Rahmawati Erma (2016) Dimensi Metrik Graph Pn 0 Cm dan Cm 0 Pn. JURNAL ILMIAH SOULMATH, 4 (5). pp. 244-243. ISSN 2334-9421

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The concept of minimum resolving set has proved to be useful and or related to a variety of fields such as Chemistry, Robotic Navigation, and Combinatorial Search and Optimization. Two graph are path graph (Pn) and circle graph (Cm). THe corona product Pn 0 Cm is defined as the graph obtained from Pn and Cm by taking one copy of Pn and m1 copies of Cm and joining by an edge each vertex from the n(th) copy of Pn with the m(th) vertex of Cm. Pn 0 Cm and Cm 0 Pn not commute to n<> m, it is showed that order of graph Pn 0 Cm different with graph Cm 0 Pn. Based on research obtained dim(Pn 0 Cm) = n.dim(W1,m) and dim(Cm 0 Pn) = m.dim(K1 + Pn)

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